Hello and welcome to For some reason, you want to get to know me. 

Tim Minneci is a Columbus, Ohio-based writer, musician, and personal assistant to several professional authors. He co-hosts the weekly 1990s alternative music-centric podcast Dig Me Out and spends as much time in the garden as possible.

I am currently the co-host/creator of the weekly Dig Me Out Podcast, which launched in 2011. We revisit albums from the 1990s (most overlooked, underappreciated, and lesser-known), host roundtable discussions, and conduct occasional interviews.

From 1998 to 2008 I was in the band The Stepford Five, which released three albums and an EP. I've released several albums of electronic/ambient instrumental music under my own name on Reverbose Records, a label I started with some friends in 2003. My complete discography is here.

In 2013 I published my first book, Power Ballad - A Definitive Guide To Hard Rock's Softer Side, Vol. 1. Since then, I've released a few others (Small Stories in 2017, Are You Making a Sound? in 2018), as well as my first novel The Black Sky in 2020, and it's sequel The Red Sky in 2022. A complete bibliography is here.

I'm in the very slow process of researching and conducting interviews for a book about the Columbus, Ohio music scene from the 1970s to today tentatively titled Down To High Street, which also has its own blog here.

I was born in Tonawanda, NY in August of 1974 and currently reside in Columbus, OH with my wife, daughter, and pets. I graduated from Bowling Green State University (Ay Ziggy Zoomba!) with a BA in Sports Information & Journalism.

I am a stupidly dedicated fan of the Buffalo Bills, maintain a reasonable but ever-growing music collection, and like getting my hands dirty in my vegetable garden though I don't really enjoy being outside.

If you want to get in touch, check out my socials and send me a message.

Note: this blog originally was hosted at WordPress for many, many years. In 2017, it was hacked and overrun with spam, and all the content erased. Using the Wayback Machine at, I was able to copy over much of the content, but some was lost to the bots of time.