Fun Facts

Fun Facts about Me:
  • Transcribed lyrics to Wilco’s Being There album (I was a big fan of Wilco when this album came out, totally nerded out and with an advance copy of the album from my college radio station, transcribed all the lyrics and posted them to an online fan website).
  • Transcribed guitar tab to Wilco’s “Outtasite (Outta Mind)” from the Being There album.
  • Transcribed guitar tab to The Replacements “I’ll Be You” from the Don’t Tell A Soul album.
  • Transcribed guitar tab to Son Volt’s “Cemetary Savior” from the Straightaways album.
  • Wrote a Saddlecreek Records inspired Haiku.
  • A tweet about the movie 50/50 was quoted in The Hollywood Reporter in 2011.
  • Occasionally write about Ruebens, and the best in one in Columbus, Ohio. To be fair, I will also eat Ruebens outside of Columbus, I just might not write about it.
  • Was writer/editor for (2004-2007).
  • Contributed to's Mix CD Monday in December 2003.
  • I have worked the following jobs: paperboy, grocery and convenience store stocker/bagger/cashier, assembler, dishwasher, sanitation, night guard, resident advisor, rental car driver/cleaner, data entry, men's clothing department co-manager, network provisioner (whatever that means), retail support coordinator, mailroom supervisor, call center project coordinator, recruiter and maybe one or two more that I'm forgetting.