The Social Network

As a writing nerd, it’s not often I get excited about a movie when a screenwriter is attached. However, when Aaron Sorkin was announced as the wrtiter of The Social Network, I was giddy. Then, a double whammy, David Fincher is announced to direct, and Jesse Eisenberg is playing the lead.

A Few Good Men. The West Wing. Sports Night. Seven. Fight Club. Zodiac. Roger Dodger. Zombieland. These are just a few of the projects these three have been involved in that I knew, I just knew, would lead to The Social Network being awesome.

And then, the final piece: Trent Reznor would be scoring the movie.

Holy Jebus.

And guess what, it lives up to expectations. The opening scene, followed by what I’ll call “The Facemash Sequence,” are worth the price of admission alone, perfectly combining the talents of Sorkin, Fincher, Eisenberg and Reznor.

Is the movie wholly accurate? Of course not, it’s two plus hours to tell a story of several years. Info condensed for time, characters combined for brevity, events altered for dramatic purposes. And yet, without a single car crash, explosion or gory murder, it’s one of the most suspenseful and thrilling films of recent years.