2011 Goals: Quarter Mile Report

So, it’s the end of March, and we’re three months into 2011. I set a bunch of goals for the year, and to force myself to keep them, I’m keeping track here. So here’s an update:

#1. Complete 2 New Screenplays: Well, I’ve only written about 20 pages in the first, which is not where I wanted to be, but it’s still a decent start for being inconsistent. Truth be told, I’m not really moving the way I used to, and I think that may partially have to do with my pre-writing prep, and partially with the material. I had an idea I really like, but months later, I’m not sold. I have a new idea, but I really want to spend time developing the idea for jumping in.

#2. Write A Book: The goal was to write 50-55,000 words by the end of year, and I’m happy to report I’ve already surpassed 20,000. I’ve hit some lulls, but I’m feeling good about this one.

#3. Shoot the “Bands On The Run” short: I haven’t even tackled this yet as I’ve been planning to do it the Summer, but I plan on getting my ass in gear in the Spring & Summer.

#4. Launch A Music Podcast: Done, and so far it’s been going well.

#5. Make Some New Music: Not yet, but the year is young.

#6. The Gym: I started out strong, but got a stomach flu, and seemed to run into many excuses for not going. I shall return, because I’ve got a beach vacation coming up in June, and I don’t want to embarrass myself.

Unexpected New Goal!

#7. Read A Book A Month: I didn’t plan this, but it sort of started out that way, so I’m going to try to keep it going. Mind you, I’m a slow reader, and a book a month is like a bullet train for me.