Concert Review: The Tragically Hip @ the Newport Music Hall (7/20/00)

For a Tragically Hip fan as myself, the setlist below is pretty good. New stuff mixed with old favorites, can’t complain. Unfortunately, except for the last song, I missed the entire thing.

The show was to be a date with a girl whose name I can remember, with a stop at WG Grinders (romantic, eh?) just down the street prior to the start of the concert. Doors were at 7:30, so with a the opening act probably going on around 8pm, and the Hip going on sometime around 9, we figured we could get there just before the Hip played and avoid standing around.

We hung out at Grinders and ate, and when the time came walked down to the Newport. As we entered, I heard the strains of the Hip from the stage and realized they had already started. I quickly realized what song they were playing, New Orleans Is Sinking, which struck me as odd considering that was usually a set-ender. And then the set ended.

Turns out, there was no opener. The band went on promptly at 7:30 and were finishing their set. I’m not sure what compelled them to play so early, as most bands finished up around 11pm at the Newport, but not in this case.

Of the many Hip shows I’ve been to over the years, this was, without a doubt, the shortest.

My Music At Work
Chagrin Falls
Courage (For Hugh Maclennan)
Springtime In Vienna
Long Time Running
Puttin’ Down
Gift Shop
Lake Fever
Wheat Kings
Train Overnight
At The Hundredth Meridian
Freak Turbulence
New Orleans Is Sinking