Concert Review: Golden Smog @ the Majestic Theatre, Detroit, MI (4/11/96)

In most music circles, the term “super group” applies to a number of well known musicians coming together to form a one-off band. In fact, you can read all about various super groups. Noticeably absent from the list is Golden Smog, a band that has counted among its numbers over the years members of Soul Asylum, Wilco, The Replacements, The Jayhawks, Run Westy Run, Big Star and The Honeydogs.

Somebody opened for Golden Smog, but I don’t have any idea who and quite frankly care as little now as I did then. This was a chance to see all these guys together, playing a wide array of covers and originals, and doing it drunk almost the entire set.

I was particularly interested in seeing Gary Louris of The Jayhawks play. His guitar tone on the ‘hawks and Golden Smog album sounded spectacular to me, and I watched as he tore through the night with only a vintage red Gibson SG and a Fuzz Face pedal, all the while singing lead or backing up others with perfect harmonies.

Like all my other trips to the Majestic, I had a great spot right up front which allowed me to snag a setlist post-show.