Concert Review: Universal Honey @ Downtown Buffalo, NY (12/31/94)

For those not familiar, Universal Honey was the Canada answer to Letters to Cleo. Got it? Okay, good. We have to go back to college (again) to frame this one.

During my sophomore year of college in a math class I met a girl named Kathy, who it turned out was from my hometown of Buffalo, N.Y., and in fact lived not far from where my parents and I had once lived. Double in fact, my parents would soon move back there. So, while on winter break for ’94, I headed to downtown Buffalo with Kathy and her friends for the New Year’s Eve bash.

Truth be told, this involved a lot of walking and not much else. We walked from locale to locale, taking in things that I have no recollection of, and eventually ended up at an indoor arena that had bands. It was here Universal Honey were playing, and I ended up scoring a free cd.

When I got back to college after the break, I made sure to play the single, “Just Before Mary Goes” to support this new discovery. That reminds me, I need to dig out Universal Honey, as I have only a slight recollection of, 18 years later, what the band sounds like.