Concert Review: The Twilight Singers @ Top Cats, Cincinnati, OH (10/15/00)

After the demise of my beloved Afghan Whigs, frontman Greg Dulli quickly returned with a supergroup of sorts, The Twilight Singers. Comprised of Satchel & Brad frontman Shawn Smith and Howlin Maggie leader Happy Chichester, the band boasted three unique talents, voices and songwriters, which of course meant it couldn’t last.

If fact, by the time this early tour took place, Shawn Smith was already out of the band, leaving Happy in second banana role to Greg, even though the band was comprised of the then current roster of Howlin Maggie on drums, bass and lead guitar, with Happy on keys and guitar and Greg on rhythm guitar.

Since the band was relatively new, songs were culled from both the Afghan Whigs and Howlin Maggie catalogs. As it was the Howlin Maggie band, seeing them play Whigs tunes with Greg out front was a bit odd, yet any chance to hear those songs played live was appreciated.

This line-up wouldn’t last, as the Twilight Singers would essentially become an outlet for Greg’s solo output, with a new cast of characters seemingly weaving there way in and out record to record and tour to tour.

The Twilite Kid
That’s Just How That Bird Sings
King Only
66 (AW)
Easy To Be Stupid (HM)
Annie Mae
Umbretta (AW)
Dixie Peach Promenade (Yin For Yang)
Last Temptation
Crazy (AW)
A Love Supreme
Please Stay (Once You Go Away)
Black Love (AW)