Concert Review: The Sheila Divine, Columbus, OH (2000-2001)

The Sheila Divine @ Little Brothers, 3/15/00
Our Lady Peace and The Sheila Divine @ the Newport Music Hall, 4/16/01
The Sheila Divine & Miranda Sound @ Little Brothers, 11/4/01

Like Cursive, I saw The Sheila Divine more than a few times over a short span, so the memories sort of blur together. The first show was definitely thanks to local radio station CD101 playing their single Hum repeatedly, and that was enough to get plenty of us to the show.

The opening slot for Our Lady Peace, well to be honest, I had sort of soured on Our Lady Peace by this point. There first record was great, and the second fine, though definitely aimed at writing more singles. Two albums later, the band was definitely in a bit of rut, and only a year later the band would make the cringe-inducing Gravity, a stab at wannabe Creed/Nickleback third generation grunge that the band quickly abandoned.

The third show, second at Little Brothers, was a big deal in that our friends in Miranda Sound opened. Opening for touring regional or nation bands was a big deal, and at the time, since our band and Miranda Sound were both new to the scene, landing any opening gig was monumental.