Concert Review: Buckcherry @ the Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH (11/29/99)

Buckcherry are an acquired taste. If you dig the harder end of the hair/glam metal of the 1980s, you probably could relate to them. At at time when bad teen pop, nu-metal and hip-hop were dominating the radio, Buckcherry appeared with an ode to cocaine and hedonism.

In short bursts, Buckcherry is a fun band. Live, that’s another matter, as the band basically had two modes – over the top scuzzy sunset strip rock, and ballads. Or, at the time, a ballad. The repetitiveness got old quickly, as the band didn’t have much of a catalog (re: diversity) to bring to the table for a band that isn’t going to stray from a rather predictable formula to begin with.

Openers Cupcakes (or at least I think they opened) were a boring, post-punk mess that belonged on a different bill. Maybe if I saw or heard them now I’d like them, but at the time they were just…awful.