Concert Review: Imperial Teen & Howlin’ Maggie @ Little Brothers, Columbus, OH (5/23/99)

I didn’t know who Imperial Teen were when I went to this show. I knew they had a couple of albums out in the 90s, and one guy had been in Faith No More, but beyond that… nothing. I went to see Howlin Maggie, who in a transitional period between the original line-up and a new line-up of various Columbus musicians.

HM primarily drew from their only album (at that point), Honeysuckle Strange, with a few covers included, but did debut some new tunes that would end up on either the second (and last) HM album three years later, and even on lead singer Happy Chichester’s solo album in 2007.

As a band my friends and I discovered in college, completely unaware they were based on two hours away, it was kind of thrill to see them playing together again. Little did we know that just a few years later we’d be sharing the same stage with them.