This Week In Music: 12/10-12/16

This week in music listening, featuring patent-pending two-word reviews:

Green Day: ¡Uno! – decent powerpop
Green Day: ¡Dos! – over indulgence
Green Day: ¡Tre! – ridiculous indulgence
Cabaret Voltaire: The Voice of America – sparse pieces
Rage Against The Machine: Rage Against The Machine (XX Remaster) – still powerful
Rush: Vapor Trails – heavy return
Parliament: Trombipulation – weak link
Parliament: Up for the Down Stroke – creative reinvention
The Black Keys: The Big Come Up – bare bones
Ministry: Side Trax – puzzle pieces
Ministry: B-Sides & Rarities – mish mash
Pete Townshend: Who Came First – mixed bag
Pink Floyd: Animals – kinda bored
Quiet Riot: Qr – nothing special
Mr. Big: Get Over It – over cooked