Two-Word Review: Summer/Fall 2015

Recently consumed and digested films and albums with patent-pending two-words reviews.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation – minor improvement
Chef – pleasant story
A Deadly Adoption – hypnotic entertainment
Transformers: Age of Extinction – extinct franchise
Robocop – lifeless remake
Anchorman 2 – tough act
Ant-Man – well balanced
They Came Together – barely together
Trainwreck – effectively offensive
Upside Down: The Story of Creation Records – McGee’s story
Who the F is Arthur Fogel? – buttons pushed
The Martian – book worthy
The Maze Runner – proper tone
Red Dawn (remake) – red dumb

The Cure: Wild Mood Swing – quality swings
The Cure: Pornography – good dirty
The Cure: All Mixed Up – solid efforts
Pink Floyd: A Momentary Lapse of Reason – lapsed urgency
Pink Floyd: The Final Cut – more cuts
Dream Theater: Octavarium – condensed craziness
Dream Theater: Metropolis Pt.2: Scenes From A Memory – mind bending
Dream Theater: Systematic Chaos – too chaotic
T. Rex: Dandy in the Underworld – true dandy
Wilco: Star Wars – appreciated weirdness