New Book SMALL STORIES Now Available

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Big thanks to DX Ferris and Coni Minneci (my mom, she legally had to) for contributing to this book with their illustrations.

If this seems to have come out of nowhere, there is a reason. I had written a bunch of short true stories from throughout my life and shared them on my website, collected as "Yes, That Really Happened." That was going to be the title of the book for awhile, but at the last minute decided on a name change. So, the entire book was actually written over several years, bit by bit. Once I realized there was a good collection of short stories, I reached out to DX to get him involved, as I am a fan of his Suburban Metal Dad cartoons and wanted that same style for the book. He agreed, and gave me a bunch of really fun illustrations. I then reached out to my mom, because I wanted different styles, and she agreed as well. Because, you know, she's my mom.

After that, I found some old photos, and the whole project came together very quickly. It's a fun little collection, full of embarrassing, funny and occasionally poignant tales from throughout my life. There are more that didn't make this edition, so maybe there will be an Even More Small Stories someday.

In the meantime, enjoy!