Buffalo News 5/27/90

If you've ever wondered, "has Tim always been an opinionated blowhard," the answer is yes. Here is some proof - a letter to the editor I wrote in May of 1990 to the Buffalo News titled "GO FOR HAWERCHUK." Enjoy:

Everyone's seen the Nike commercials starring Michael Jordan and Mars Blackman (Spike Lee), and that great new saying, "Just Do It." 
Dale Hawerchuk has asked to be traded from the Winnipeg Jets and their GM has obliged him in trying to find a new team, preferably an American team. The Sabres are in a time of transition (or at least they should be), attempting to filter out the older players. I hope Mr. Meehan understands what I'm saying. Maybe Phil Housley, some young scorer from Rochester and a draft choice for Dale. 
Come on Gerry, just do it. Along with Turgeon, Buffalo could have two high-scoring lines instead of just one. Do you know what this could do to the Sabres' offensive ability? Do you know, do you know, do you know? I do.  
For context, I was 16 when I wrote this. It should be noted that they did indeed make the trade for Dale Hawerchuk, who had several good seasons in the early 90s with the Sabres while they were consistently making the playoffs (thought usually getting bounced in the first round).