New Book out 8/27/19: 35 Days In The Air - A World War II Memoir

About a year ago, I posted an update to the blog about what was going on at the time with various book and music projects I was working on, including an interview I had just completed with my great uncle Michael Carestio about his experience in World War II. Over the last year, I poured over the copy of the journal he gave me, transcribed our interview, and dug deep into researching all aspects of his experience, including his plane, squadron, group and air unit, along with details about his life before and after the war, and wrote up questions for our follow-up interview.

I'm happy to report that we have now have a release date for the book, 35 Days In The Air - A World War II Memoir. The book will be available via Amazon for paperback and Kindle on Tuesday, August 27th. Here are the details:
From July 8th, 1944 to December 6th, 1944, Michael Carestio of the 713th Bombardment Squadron, Heavy, assigned to the 448th Fighter-Bomber Group, part of an Eighth Air Force B-24 Liberator Unit in England, kept a handwritten journal documenting each of the thirty-five missions over France, Belgium and Germany. Each mission was notated with the date, target, bomb load, type and length.  
In 2018, Michael first sat down with his grand nephew Timothy Minneci for what would end up becoming a series of interviews, revisiting his life before, during and after World War II. This book collects those interviews, provides a notated transcription of the journal, and shares photographs and memorabilia from Michael's personal collection.