Interview at The Write Way about The Black Sky

My interview at The Write Way is now up. Thanks to Lieze Neven for the opportunity! Talked about writing inspiration, process, and more.

Here's a snippet:
LN: Who is your ideal reader? 
TM: Someone who enjoys Neal Stephenson and Dan Brown. Is that impossible? I mean, I do. I want to read nine hundred pages of intricately researched and dense science-fiction, and then switch over to a short popcorn thriller. I don’t like to stay in one lane when it comes to what entertainment I consume, so maybe there are other people out there like me. Do you like a good story? Do you like twists? Adventure? Action? With some heart? But with helicopter chases? I want 2001, but I also want Die Hard. But not at the same time, that wouldn’t work (or maybe it would, who knows).