Concert Review: Billy Joel @ Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY (1/16/87)

Billy Joel at the Memorial Auditorium in Buffalo, New York was, as far as I can remember, my first concert going-experience. The first time I held a concert ticket, the first time I was able to hear what was only, at the time, on cassette and vinyl, the first time I ever saw the lights go down and a band take the stage.

On tour for The Bridge album, Billy Joel was a constant in my house, passed down from my parents. I used to lay in bed at night, pop a tape in the boom box, and fall asleep listening to Glass Houses or The Nylon Curtain. I probably still have the lyrics memorized to more Billy Joel songs than any other band or artist.

I remember that we had pretty decent seats on the floor, not right up front, but close enough that we didn’t have to squint. We were almost parallel with the mixing board station, and a nearby concert goer took a look at the mixing board, spotted the setlist, turned to their friend and said, “They’re starting with… trust?”

Twelve-year old Tim turned to his Dad and excitedly exclaimed, “They’re starting with ‘A Matter of Trust,'” which twelve-year old Tim considered the greatest rock song at that time. I have since re-evaluated that opinion.