Concert Review: Matthew Sweet & the Gigolo Aunts @ Promenade Park, Toledo, OH (7/3/97)

For fourth of July in 1997, the city of Toledo put on a free show in Promenade Park, which is along the Maumee River. I was at BGSU for another summer trying to get through some classes I didn’t want to really take, and drove with my friends Jason and Cortney (and maybe others, who knows) to Toledo to catch Matthew Sweet and Gigolo Aunts. There may have been others, but I can’t recall that either. (It was college, what do you expect, crystal clear memories?)

We spread out on the grass, enjoyed the sunshine and watched the bands, and I clearly remember being awed by the number of guitars Matthew Sweet had brought on tour. He seemed to switch in between every song, and for a cover of ELO’s Do Ya, busted out a Gibson SG double-neck.

Being it was a fourth of July show, there’s a good chance there were fireworks afterward, but I again, I can’t recall. Apparently I need to eat more fish.