Interview with Columbus Alive for Power Ballad

The folks at the Columbus Alive were kind enough to invite me to sit down for a Q&A session about Power Ballad, the Power Ballad Podcast and my other podcast, Dig Me Out. Big thanks to Jesse Tigges and Meghan Ralston. Here's an excerpt:

"I was big into making iTunes playlists and … decided to make a power ballad playlist. It was 40 or 50 songs, but I thought there’s got to be more. So I went to Amazon and looked up “VH1 power ballad compilation.” I was looking at it and they weren’t all power ballads. “First of all that song is fast, how could it be a power ballad? That’s a Celine Dion song. What is going on here?!” I did more research because it sort of irked me this was out there. I realized there have been no criteria ever set — nobody ever said what a power ballad is. The first chapter explains why I did this — undertook this thing that no one was really asking for — and explaining what the actual criteria was for judging a power ballad."