I Went To BBQ Heaven And It Was Glorious

Last week my family and I traveled to Austin, TX to visit my podcasting co-host and longtime friend Jason and his family. After a rocky start (Nina didn't take well to the long car ride from Dallas to Austin that fell during naptime) we settled in at their place for the three day stay.

We had lots of fun activities planned with the kids, but one lunch trip was set aside for Jason and I to drive forty-five minutes to Black's BBQ in Lockhart, TX. There are plenty of superb BBQ joints in the area, but Black's is considered BBQ heaven, and it did not disappoint.

We got there early, just after opening, and there was already a line out the door. The place isn't huge, but they have it down, customer wise. You enter and make your way down a hallway, plastered with photos of all the famous people who have made the trip before you. You end up at a counter with all your sides. I went with coleslaw, German potatoes and corn bread along with my brisket.

The process is efficient as possible and no frills, which I loved. You get through and get your food quickly, and that helps the line move fast.

Now, to the most important part.

The brisket was AMAZING. I've had plenty of good BBQ, but the way the brisket was smoked, the way it just melted in my mouth with each bite, was insane. I bow down, whatever voodoo they are applying at Black's is working. I've never had anything close to that.