Pinterest Project: Built-in Closets

My wife and I had kicked around the idea of eliminating all dressers and big, bulky furniture storage from our bedroom for awhile. The question was how. We had already decided on a bed from Ikea with built in drawers beneath the bed, but that was better for things like blankets and seasonal clothing. After sometime on Pinterest, we settled on building drawers and shelving on our closets, eliminating the need for standard dressers.

From there, we sketched out some ideas. My wife wanted more shelving and hanging options for clothing, along with a shoe rack. With my preference for t-shirts, I needed some sort organizational option that didn’t involve folding.

Aside from the shoe rack, which was a Target purchase, the rest is built to her preferences. Plenty of cardigan shelving, three deep drawers and hanging space on each side.

I swapped out the shoe rack for a pull-out pants organizer, and utilized some repurposed wire racks for shoe storage under the dress shirts. For the t-shirts, I bought two 10-foot PVC pipes, but them down to about 11 inches, and glued them all together.

Both closets have two strips of motion sensor lights above the opening, so the lack of lighting is somewhat negated.

Between the two closets, we spent about $250 in materials (not including the shoe rack, which we already owned), and about four days each from demo to finishing painting.

Here are the pictures from my closet:

And here the pictures from my wife's closet: