New Book, New Blog, New Music

I've been a little quiet (well, as quiet as I can be) on this blog recently. The weekly Dig Me Out Podcast keeps me busy on a regular schedule, and of course being a parent and husband with a regular job means all sorts of time consuming responsibilities. Also, it's spring, and the weather has finally warmed up, so I'm getting my little patch of earth back into shape, planting seeds and seedlings in the vegetable garden and putting in new flower beds. Exciting stuff, I tells ya!

More importantly, with the early winter release of my second instrumental electronic album Sanur and the late winter release of Are You Making A Sound? The History Of The Stepford Five out of the way, and The Black Sky currently in a submission holding pattern, I had some time to redirect my attention to several other projects that had been percolating in my brain.

One was finishing another instrumental electronic album, which I'm planning to have out sometime this summer. The second was a bit bigger. Based on my experience working on AYMAS, I got the urge to really dig into the Columbus music scene that existed prior to my arrival in 1998. That got my creative and investigative juices flowing, and as I found articles to read and music to listen to, I realized there was a story here I wanted to tell.

I started chit-chatting with some Columbus music folks, sort of a "what do you think of this" sounding board opportunity, and it helped me uncover a whole bunch of music, band, artists, venues, personalities and other interesting stuff that really sealed the deal with me. I decided from the get-go I wanted this to dive into the Columbus music scene to be an oral history. Unlike my previous outings, I wanted to get my voice out of it as early as possible. Luckily, the first few people I reached out to were receptive about being interviewed, so the proverbial ball is officially rolling.

This week I launched a new blog, Down To High Street, named after a song title off of the first Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments album Bait And Switch that I felt captured the spirit of this project. It has a sort of mission statement and a purpose to both support the book tangentially and allow me to collect relevant information in one place. I have no illusions this will move quickly. While a lot of folks are in Columbus, some are not, and the time to interview and then transcribe the interviews is going to be lengthy, but I believe in the end it is going to be a special journey.