Power Ballad Book Update 1/21/11

Welcome to the page for my as-yet-untitled new book project. In my 2011 Goals post, I wrote this:

#2. Write A Book: This one is sort of new, but something I’ve been kicking around. I have an idea, a fun idea that’s in my wheelhouse (music), and I think I can tackle it bit-by-bit throughout the year as it is non-fiction and full of lots of little bits. It’ll make sense later.

We’ll, it’s started, and here’s the pitch: I’m going to create the ultimate guide to the POWER BALLAD. I know, you’re asking yourself, WTF? Who needs this? Why? Here’s why. As I spent some time trolling the internet for music reading, I stumbled upon several discussions revolving around what was the best power ballad, and let me say that some of the answers were so incredibly off the mark, I felt compelled (but didn’t) to respond with various insults denigrating intelligence and taste.

What I did do was start an actual list of what the true qualities that make a power ballad a power ballad, and took a hard look at what the songs do and don’t match the criteria. And then I started jotting down notes about individual songs. Once I struck upon a concept to build on, I knew I had something worth exploring (to me, anyway).

So, from time to time, I’m going to post a page or two to check out. Eventually, I’m going to figure out a title as well. If you want to suggest one, put it in the comments below.