Perseverantia Book Series

What is the PERSEVERANTIA TRILOGY? Glad you asked. Let's start with THE BLACK SKY.

BACKSTORY: You can read an in-depth post here at THE BLACK SKY blog I set up years ago. The gist: I started writing a screenplay in 2011, then tried to switch to a novel in 2012. It got put in the desk drawer until 2016. By April 2017, I had the first draft. After that, it went through multiple start-to-finish revisions. Lots of friends/acquaintances doing beta reads before sending out to agents and publishers. I ended up getting repped by an agent for about a year, but alas, could not get the book sold. In 2019, I kept revising, kept getting feedback from beta-readers, and kept sending it out to agents and publishers. As 2020 loomed, I decided it was time to stop looking for someone else to put it out and got the self-pub route via the independent label I've been releasing music through the last few years.

WHAT'S THE STORY?: "Set in a dangerous post-apocalyptic, near-future Manhattan, THE BLACK SKY tells the gripping story of a group of survivors, some living in a lawless wasteland, others safely inside the walled city, caught in the ticking clock adventure of an extraordinary mission to save one man, unlock the truth of humanity’s near extinction, and risk it all to save the ones they love - a thrilling debut novel that illuminates the power of family, survival against all odds and hope in dark times."

WHERE CAN I GET IT? Paperbacks and ebooks are available at all the usual places - AmazonBarnes & Noble, Book Depository, Books-A-Million, Kobo, Porchlight Books, and if you want an autographed version, at Bandcamp. Audiobook available via Audible.

WHAT ELSE? Besides the book, there is also an "Inspired By" musical score to accompany the book. Twenty-four instrumental compositions to match the twenty-four chapters. You can stream it everywhere.

WHERE CAN I LEARN MORE ABOUT THE BOOK? Besides the history of its creation over at the aforementioned blog, I have also created a Spotify PlaylistPinterest Board, and a YouTube channel that contains images and video inspirational while writing.

ANYTHING ELSE? Check out this link. Let's just say there is more to the story. And keep your eyes open on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) for more information.

WHAT'S NEXT? I am currently writing the follow-up book THE RED SKY, the second book in the PERSEVERANTIA TRILOGY. Keep updated by subscribing to my Substack Newsletter, Worlds And Music.